Glide effortlessly into Japan while catching up on your jetlag and getting ready for your visit. Tango peninsula, a rustic Japanese countryside setting in a very quiet scenic area by the sea of Japan, is only 3 hours north of Kyoto. The toilets are heated modern western-style, and a wireless network is available.


sunset on ocean beach, blue water and outcropping
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Hei-bama: A lovely little bay with interesting rock formations at both ends. Great walks. Safe swimming, white sand and warm water from June until October. Just thirty minutes from Tango-an along interesting roads.

beach family in beachside onsen
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Kotobikki-hama: Literally, “the beach that plays music.” The quality of the sand is such that it squeaks when you drag your feet on it. Also, watch the sunset from a natural hot water spa directly on the beach. Get in the hot water tub, get cooked, go jump in the cool sea 20 meters away, then start again. Thirty minutes from Hei-bama or from Tango-an.