Glide effortlessly into Japan while catching up on your jetlag and getting ready for your visit. Tango peninsula, a rustic Japanese countryside setting in a very quiet scenic area by the sea of Japan, is only 3 hours north of Kyoto. The toilets are heated modern western-style, and a wireless network is available.


Enjoy the traditional Japanese art of the bath. Great spas: a very important window on Japanese culture and art de vivre. A unique experience that goes beyond just “washing.”

family at beachside onsen
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Kotobikki-hama: Watch the sunset as you soak in a natural hot water spa directly on the beach. Nearby, give yourself a “double whammy” — get under the cold waterfall at the edge of the beach, then go dive into the warm sea.

waterfall rotenburo rotenburo with waterfall
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Hashiginu: Mineral waters, hot baths, cold baths, whirlpools, jacuzzi, water falls, massage, vistas, etc.

rotenburo and greenery spacious men's indoor bath indoor bath with view of ocean
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Yoshino no Sato: Spa overlooking the Sea of Japan. Large indoor and outdoor baths.